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About us

Welcome to Specialme
Healing & Self-love – Our Goal

We agree with the idea that you become what you think and say. Hence, our name ‘specialme’ was carefully considered to inspire, nurture and restore self worth, self acceptance, self respect, healing and most of all self love in every client that uses our products and services. The goal is to empower minds, create a generation who are able to recognize their greatness and a world with a lot more self love and subsequently a lot more love for one another.

Passion & Expertise – The Driving force

We understand the importance of a healthy skin, hair and self image. And we have a passionate purpose of boosting your self esteem and improving your concerns with skin and hair related conditions. Our team of innovative aesthetic doctors, therapists and trichologists have specialist expertise in providing safe, holistic therapy and customized solutions to help you meet your skin, hair and well-being goals.

Relentless pursuit of Innovation

Our origin is rooted in science and innovation; we are constantly evolving through research and development to ensure cutting edge technology in aesthetic care and ongoing improvements in treatment protocols and formulas. Specialme aims to always be at the forefront of groundbreaking findings to encourage radiant days as well as radiant skin and hair.


Safety is important to us. We guarantee an effective, safe approach to aesthetic conditions and continue to stretch beyond our scope of imagination to inspire and advance knowledge for safe beauty practices in the present and future African generation.

The ‘Adikrahene Dua’ symbol

    Our Logo is the ‘Adikrahene Dua’ symbol. it is a traditional West African symbol representing- Royalty & Greatness.

Our vision

To become the number one global self love inspired and innovative skincare, hair care and wellness brand by year 2030

Our mission

Fostering positive self image and safe beauty practices.

Our Brand Story

Specialme is Africa’s foremost self love inspired and innovative skincare, hair care and wellness brand dedicated to fostering positive self image and safe beauty practices. We are specialized in all skin and hair related problems affecting your self esteem. We give individual attention to all our clients. Be it acne, acne scars, or hair loss, we have an effective treatment for you.

Hair care

Our Philosophy

Our passion lies with seeing a healthy Africa where physical, mental and social well-being are assured for all at all ages in keeping with the World Health Organization’s definition of health and the United Nations goal 3 of 17 sustainable development goals.

SpecialMe - Skincare and Hair Care