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Dangers of pimple popping


Dangers of Pimple popping

‘‘That pimple on your face is already ripe. Let me help you to press it” was the usual I got from some friends while battling acne as a teenager. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I just never liked the idea of surrendering my face to be punctured by prying fingernails or any other objects. I mean, dealing with the pain from the swollen pimple was already excruciating. Why did I have to nurse a bloodied spot and an open wound from a totally unnecessary pop? I understand that having a blemished skin filled with all sorts of swelling and thick yellowish or greenish liquid is definitely an ordeal no one enjoys. However, what I find quite alarming is that a large percentage of people derive so much satisfaction in picking, plucking and popping that pus-filled eruption on their face, sometimes before they even emerge. A male client once told me about how he tried to overcome acne through a routine skin picking activity – this definitely left him with loads of deeply rooted scars which became even more traumatic. As satisfying as it is to force the unpleasantly messy substance – more specifically oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells from the plugged up pore, squeezing your skin can result in a lot worse condition. Let’s glance over the reasons to resist the urge of popping that pimple.

1. It causes permanent scars on your face

Not everyone wants the beauty of their face to be marred by pits and scarring from past acne, but you may be setting yourself up for this if you are unable to keep your hands away from your face. While scars are the natural aftermath of the body’s skin-healing process, picking your skin may worsen the outcome and removal of these scars. Bear in mind that the best way to deal with acne scarring is to avoid it in the first place.

2. It causes infection

Well you might say, ‘the skin pressing is enjoyable and I’m not worried about residual acne scars’ Really? That seemingly harmless skin popping activity could result in life threatening conditions. A recent journal of emergency medicine records the story of a man who ended up in the emergency room because he popped what he considered to be a pimple under his lower lip with a woodworking blade. He ended up with a rare fungal infection which almost cost him his life.

When you pop a pimple, you’re actually tearing open your skin in the process. You’re also introducing bacteria from your hands into the open wound, which can then become infected, leave a permanent scar or make you very ill.

What experiences have you had with a skin popping activity?

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