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What happens during a consultation?

Your doctor may review your medical history, ask a series of questions to understand your symptoms in totality- mental, emotional and physical; a physical examination may be performed where necessary.

How long does consultation last for?

We set aside around 20-30 minutes for each appointment. If you have a number of conditions to be treated, then please let us know in advance so we can set aside enough time.

Can consultation be done online?

Yes. Option for video chat consultation is available on request.

Do you charge for consultation?

Yes. You pay a consultation fee. We will provide you with an invoice to make payment upon submission of your appointment form.

Can i have a procedure on the day of my consultation?

If you think you’ll need a procedure do let us know when booking the appointment and we’ll do our best to set aside enough time.

Do I need to wear sunscreen everyday even if I am at work all day?

Yes, 80% of premature aging is caused by daily exposure to UV rays.
Just the few minutes of sun exposure you receive each day while driving to work and sitting by a window is enough to cause hyperpigmentation and premature aging over time. Also, indoor lighting (florescent and halogen bulbs) also breaks down collagen and can cause the same aging as UVA rays

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