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Specialme Foundation™️

Young People


The Specialme Foundation™️ has an unending commitment towards Raising Mentally Healthy Youths and Community in Africa, through advocacy and education of individuals and communities

Raising Mentally healthy youths

Established by Specialme skin & hair care, the Specialme Foundation™️ pioneers necessary steps in creating national, and international platform to destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health issues such as depression, suicide and drug abuse. In its commitment to become a resource in educating our community and the world, the Foundation will continue to move forward to build communities of young people with super powers of self love, self confidence, personal growth, media literacy and resilience.

Anxiety & Depression
Drug Abuse

Core Objective

Strengthen awareness, knowledge and acceptance of Mental illness among young people in local communities across Africa.

Our Mission

Raising Mentally Healthy youth and communities in Africa

Our Vision

Being a Resource for Mental Health well-being in Africa.

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